Shortlisting Criteria For The Excellence Awards

At the Excellence Awards, we work closely with our dedicated research team to identify a vast pool of deserving candidates. We carefully select a distinguished group of individuals and organizations from a vast pool of candidates for this award of excellence. We consider various factors in the excellence awards including recommendations, educational background, professional experience, leadership qualities, achievements, and, where applicable, the financial stability of companies or organizations.

This curated list for excellence awards is then invited to participate in a comprehensive participation interview to share more about their journey. After the interview, participants are requested to complete a questionnaire prepared by the jury for evaluation in the award of excellence.

Subsequently, our esteemed and distinguished panel of jury meticulously evaluates the information and selects the final awardees through a rigorous process in the global awards. This meticulous approach ensures that only the most deserving individuals and entities are included in the final list of awardees of the global awards.

Participation Process

Step 1
Shortlisted Individuals are Interviewed

Step 2
Interviewees Submit Participation Application

Step 3
Participants Submit Questionnaire

Step 4
Jury Reviews Questionnaire & Deliberates

Step 5
Winners are Announced

Step 6
Awardees are Recognized
How does the Jury evaluate applications?

The Jury evaluates applications through a comprehensive three-level internal screening process. This method ensures a thorough and unbiased assessment of each candidate’s qualifications. Here’s how the evaluation is structured:

  1. Initial Review by the Preliminary Jury: This first level involves a preliminary assessment of applications. The jury conducts an initial review to determine adherence to the application guidelines.

  2. Detailed Review by a Jury Lead: Applications that pass the initial review proceed to this stage, where a Jury Lead conducts an in-depth evaluation of the candidate’s application, submission, and supporting documents along with the candidate’s credentials, achievements, and overall suitability.

  3. Final Review by the Grand Jury: The final level of scrutiny is conducted by our Grand Jury. Only the applications that excel through the previous stages make it to this round, ensuring that only the most outstanding candidates are considered.

PLEASE NOTE: Scores are assigned objectively based on the evidence and information provided by each candidate in their questionnaire responses. APPLICATIONS THAT DO NOT MEET THE REQUIRED STANDARDS AT ANY LEVEL ARE ELIMINATED FROM THE PROCESS.