Shortlisting Criteria

Working closely with our dedicated research team, we carefully select a distinguished group of individuals and organizations from a vast pool of candidates. We consider various factors including recommendations, educational background, professional experience, leadership qualities, achievements, and, where applicable, the financial stability of companies or organizations.

This curated list is then invited to participate in a comprehensive nomination interview to share more about their journey. After the interview, nominees are requested to complete a questionnaire prepared by the jury for evaluation.

Subsequently, our esteemed jury meticulously selects the final awardees through a rigorous process. This meticulous approach ensures that only the most deserving individuals and entities are included in the final list of awardees.

Nomination Process

Step 1
Shortlisted Individuals are Interviewed

Step 2
Interviewees Submit Nomination Application

Step 3
Nominees Submit Questionnaire

Step 4
Jury Reviews Questionnaire & Deliberates

Step 5
Winners are Announced

Step 6
Awardees are Recognized