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Forttuna finds its humble origin among the Greek mythology where she is depicted as a goddess of fortune and prosperity. The Forttuna Global Excellence Awards is dedicated to recognizing and honouring outstanding achievements across various industries. Established with a vision to celebrate excellence, innovation, and leadership, we take pride in acknowledging the contributions of individuals and companies that have made a significant impact in their respective fields.

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The Forttuna Global Excellence Awards is a noble initiative that stands as a beacon of recognition for our unsung heroes. It’s more than just an award show; it’s a heartfelt tribute to those who dedicate their lives to improving ours.

Global Participation
The Forttuna Global Excellence Awards is the premier global platform for recognizing outstanding achievements across diverse industries. Forttuna Global Excellence Awards is the go-to hub where excellence is celebrated, and innovators from around the world are acknowledged for their significant contributions.
Networking Opportunity
The Forttuna Global Excellence Awards extend beyond a mere recognition ceremony; they offer a unique networking opportunity for professionals, organisations, and thought leaders. Our events provide a space for industry peers to connect, share insights, and foster collaborations that transcend boundaries.
Stellar Lineup
Join a stellar lineup of industry leaders, innovators, and visionaries who have been recognized by the Forttuna Global Excellence Awards. Elevate your profile, gain global visibility, and become part of an exclusive community dedicated to excellence.
Extensive PR Coverage
Forttuna Global Excellence Awards has garnered extensive PR coverage, with features in renowned publications, interviews on influential platforms, and contributions to industry discussions. The media recognizes Forttuna's commitment to highlighting achievements and fostering a culture of excellence.
Unmatched Recognition
Winners of The Forttuna Global Excellence Awards receive not only a prestigious accolade but also gain public visibility, establishing themselves as leaders and innovators in the healthcare sector.
International Jury
Our International Jury is the cornerstone of Forttuna's commitment to recognizing global excellence. Comprising seasoned professionals, industry leaders, and subject matter experts from various fields, the jury brings a wealth of experience and diverse perspectives to the evaluation process.