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The Forttuna Global Excellence Awards: Architecture Awards

architecture awards 2024 by forttuna global excellence awards

First-ever Jury Led Architecture Awards: Be Recognized on the World Stage


The built environment around us – a symbol of human ingenuity and artistry – is shaped by the vision and creativity of architects.

The Forttuna Global Excellence Awards take center stage to celebrate these architects, the visionaries who transform our skylines, through our prestigious Architecture Awards. As we honor these remarkable achievements, we collectively elevate the entire architectural landscape, paving the way for a future fueled by innovation, sustainability, and inspiring spaces that redefine the way we experience the world.


What are the Forttuna Global Excellence Awards?


  • A prestigious jury-led and merit-based architecture awards program recognizing exceptional achievements across various industries.
  • Award of Excellence to honor individuals and companies through architecture awards making a significant impact on the global landscape.
  • More than just global awards – a chance to connect and collaborate with like-minded individuals across diverse fields.


Why Participate?


  • Gain global recognition for your company’s innovation and leadership.
  • Showcase individual talent and inspire others through achievement.
  • Network with industry leaders at our prestigious architecture awards ceremony.
  • Elevate your brand profile and attract new opportunities.
  • Gain significant media exposure, propelling your achievements into the spotlight.
  • Fair evaluation by a distinguished panel of international jury experts.


Architecture Awards Categories:


Architecture, Construction & Engineering-

  1. Angel Investor of the Year
  2. Business Leader of the Year
  3. Business Woman of the Year
  4. CEO of the Year
  5. CFO of the Year
  6. CHRO of the Year
  7. CIO of the Year
  8. CMO of the Year
  9. COO of the Year
  10.   CTO of the Year
  11.  Emerging Business Leader of the Year
  12.  Entrepreneur of the Year
  13.  Influencer of the Year
  14.  Lifetime Achievement Award
  15.  Mentor of the Year
  16.  Recruiter of the Year
  17.  Start-up of the Year
  18.  Venture Capitalist of the Year
  19.  Young Business Leader of the Year
  20.   Young Entrepreneur of the Year


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